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Erm, Yeah

W Axl Rose

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try The Gimp, which is a cross platform software that is equivalent to Photoshop and its free.

There are two versions I know which works exactly the same way except one is made to follow photoshop's menu bars and tool bars.

This is the main one

Go Here and on the left panel, select your platform (windows, Mac, Unix) and download it.

This one here is called GIMPshop and its the one which was customized to make it look more like photoshop.

They are both free to download. I have the GIMPshop and I like it better than the photoshop elements I use in my school computers. I use gimpshop and adobe photoshop equally at home.

Some people swear that The GIMP engine is better than adobe photoshop but that's upto you to believe.

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It depends on what you thought was wrong with Photoshop5. Was it too simple or too complicated? I tried it for a while and it was OK,ish. I think Corel draw is supposed to be good too, but I haven’t used it for years.

There aren't that many good free downloads for that type of program. They’re usually limited uses or limited tools for obvious reasons $$$

A friend (cant remember his name) :ph34r: found that you can download cracked versions of all the best utilities etc from lots of different torrent sites. They are usually around 400-700mb though :( My friend downloaded Photoshop CS2 and couldn’t find out how to draw a straight line after spending 2 hours trying! Its not very user friendly for people who don’t use it frequently.

Ask any friends if they got a freebie copy of something included with their PC, scanner or printer. Sometimes theres decent and easy to use programs included in a bundle offer.

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