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Well here is what happened from my point of view.

We drove from Ohio. Excited, and ready to see another show I was. I was lucky enough to see the show in Cleveland, so I bought tickets to the Dec 6th show for myself and some friends who drove us there.

Well, we never been to Philly, and never been to this Union Center either. 10 hours later, we finally find the place, thinking we are late, we see several people walking out of the building. The first thing on my mind was maybe they only played a short concert this time? ...and we missed it!!!

NOT THE CASE! I screamed out my car window to a couple walking to their car. "Hey! Hey! Where are you two coming from!!?:

They say, "The Guns N Roses Concert, but they never showed!" they were a laid back couple, understanding, and more responsible than I would say, the rest of the place!! So was like, "You're kidding!", "Well, I guess were not late then!!" ...and so they laughed!

So now, I thinking to myself. Well, there's only one other thing that can happen now! ...and that's a riot!!!

My friends weren't too cool on sticking around, but I had to take care of some business of my own inside. I tell my friends to pull around in front of the Union, and I get out and go inside. Many people are standing around at this point, pissed off, and screaming! Cops, security at the time were doing nothing but waiting for something to happen.

I walk in the Union, and there is a line about fourty people long, with many other people just spread out, looking around, waiting for something to happen. A very tense moment at this time right now, It was like a bomb was in the building the way the staff and Union security were acting at this point.

I walk over to a staff member and start asking question, about my own stuff, and what was going on exactly. He pointed out in his words, "We had a call in, that Axl might not be coming, but not to excite the crowd or mention anything of this" Well, the crowd figured it out on their own, without this being said anyway, I was thinking! He was nervous as hell, staying close to the selling zone he was at, ready to close the steel  door down. So then I asked him a few other questions, and he answered them, and finally shut the steel door down and went inside. A few seconds late, some kids start pounding on it, then move on.

I get in line thinking I'm going to get a refund, everyone thought they would get a refund in this line, which wasn't true coming from the staff. I was talking to two girls in the line, and they were telling me how they were waiting to see something happen!

Well, things were happening. Chairs were being thrown, and stolen, objects were being flung, and a couple other kids tried to lift a statue, with no luck.

Well the line wating was getting old for me by now, so I just cut to the very front, and asked the staff what was up with refunds. They kindly answered my question, with all the chaos going on, and I took my answers and left out the door I came in. As I walked out, a guy comes runnning out shouting to his buddies, "Axl rose or one of the band members is sick!" I stuck around a few more seconds to listen to this, and went looking for my driver. A few more cops were standing in the street by this time, and I get to my ride, and they're ready to get the heck out of here!

I was still in denial as we were leaving and even when we stopped at a rest area. I couldn't believe we just drove all this way, and Guns N Roses cancel!!! WOW! I should of known this would happen, I kept telling myself. It's just too good to be true to have great seats, and enter another great show without any problems. So then, this girl come up to me in the rest area as I'm thinking about all this, and talking about it with a friend of mine, and she's like... "Did you go to the Guns N Roses concert!?" I was like yeah, some concert huh? she scream" Yeah, I HATE AXL ROSE!!!" I start laughing and move about my business, as the crazy chick keeps screamin' about cars blowing up, and police with riot gear.

I'm still a true fan, not pissed at Axl or the band, but would of liked to take out a few fans, after hearing how bad it got. There is no excuse for this, when you get your FUCKING MONEY BACK!!! YOU STUPID PUNK FAGGITS!!! I would give anything to be back there, without the friends I brought, just to take some low lifes out that were hitting people and the clean up crews trying to do they're jobs. I told one drunk ass bitch to shut the hell up, when she came up to the guy I was trying to ask a question too, and started blaming him for Guns not showing up. STUPID BITCH!!! I should of hit you over the head with the chairs flying around!

I didn't realize how many cowards of GNR fans there is out there. I hope you all get beat the hell out of someday!!!

I could understand anger if  you didn't get a refund, but I drove 10 HOURS with my friends who aren't even real fans, and had no problem with it, knowing we were getting REFUNDS!!!


The only way you will ever understand this, is to try and catch a show!

Axl Rose isn't a robot! He can't just perform like your cd you put in your player! You idiots! Let me see you go out there and do what he does!!! You wouldn't last seven seconds into a song, because you would either lose your voice, or rip a cord stupids! Stop being so damn ignorant fad-fans!

That's all, thank God! :o

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you, my man, are a complete f*cking idiot....guns and roses is beyond over the hill, and axl is a complete f*ck up, he can't even perform a damn concert, not because he is legitimately sick, but because he is a lazy old piece of sh*t, and about as responsible as a 3 year old.  the fans that came out to see him have all the reason in the world to be pissed off, and if u weren't, then u have problems.  from what i heard, he was at a f*cking knicks game in new york.  and its not like this is a one time thing, they are famous for being sh*theads.  maybe if u pulled ur head off axl's d*ck you'd see what a true loser he is.  

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