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Ill be at the Phoenix show


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I figure I should let everybody know that at the phoenix show I will be rocking my butt off because I've been waiting a long time to see Axl. I was put under control of the Gunners music in 1999 and I never looked back. I had all their cds but I never really listened to them, then all of a sudden I would put the cds in my player and before long I was mesmerized. I'm sure a lot of other people out there have waited a long time to see a show like this and now our wait is over. Ya I know its not the original band but our world isn't perfect and if this is as close as we can get then I'm happy. Just to see Axl and see him perform live will be a life altering experience for me and if and when the other band members form a band and come to town I'll probobly see them as well but for now Axl rocks. You Dig What the Fuck I'm Saying, Home Fuck.        Lazlow's V Rock station rocks in Vice                 8)

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