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Well me and my friend vannessa were actually at GM Place on Thursday night and seen it all!  we got there at about 5:30pm gates were suppost to open at 6:30 the line ups were already huge!  WE all standed outside till about 7:45 then people started to get mad, they werne't letting us in and the lights started to go out in the building.  We soon saw people from other gates (we were at gate 7 ,one of the worst ones)walking down saying it was canceled nobody moved cause we all thought NO WAY WOULD HE MISS THE FIRST CONCERT! But yep he did!!  Then soon everyone started chanting "bullshit bullshit" and "Guns n' roses guns n' roses" peole started to pick up the metal fences and throwing them at the doors, there was even one guy running head first into the doors!!  The windows were smash and then about ten minutes later the police showed up with there pepper spray ,stunguns ,beanbag guns , dogs and billy bats.  The cops were out of line they were beating anyone they could get at, we watched girls being hit over the head with the bats just cause they were standing there ( she had her back turned to him and he nailed her in the back of the head) one guy got his teeth knocked out, i saw him on the news this morning and he's taking the cop to court which i think is a good thing.  we soon left for fears that we were going to get hurt , the were letting the dogs out at people.  I MYSELF AM PISSED OFF , WE DON'T WANT REFUNDS WE WANT GUNS N' ROSES!!!! >:(

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WOW i found a forum... yea i was at GM Place.. it was nuts.. I was at gate 10 which was just down the stairs from the window smashers... I was there with my friend and his girlfriend... He actually won GNR tickets from rock 101 (local radio station) that we ended scalping off for 40 bucks for both (bad seats) any way ya we waited for 40 min and would notice management looking out the window and security talkn to the cops... then sure enough all of a sudden the ppl in the ticket booths slamed canceled signs on the windows and shut the blinds and lights went out and people were in disbelief. Then thats when people kicked over the rails and started smashing the windows... and so on... so got away about 15 min after they started. cops came and went around back then about 3 min later came out the smashed windows chasing ppl.. some fans pulled out firecrackers and one had a roman candle and was fireing in the cops direction.. so we decided to leave.... without brusies.....

I woulda been happy just to get in and acctualy see the band... buy some stuff... instead the local 5 pin bowling ally got their money lol..

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