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Phoenix Password?


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where does one use this password once they get it? I am looking all over the ticketmaster site and don't see anything... I have to pay $60 dollars for this crap??

No, you don't have to pay an extra $60 unless you go through Clear Channel's GetAccess program. And you DON'T have to join this program to get the password!

If you register at GNR's official site, gnronline.com, the password will be sent to you for free. Also, watch the official site for the time of the pre-sale, NOT Ticketmaster. Once you find the time for the pre-sale, you log into Ticketmaster, and it will ask you for the password before you can purchase a ticket.  

Unfortunately, gnronline.com (lately) has been sending the passwords out at the last minute -- or even an hour or two after the sale has started. So you have to stay close to your computer around the sale time.   I'm guessing Clear Channel (the promoter) is behind this so that the GetAccess members will have about an hour head-start.

Good luck.  :)

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Mr_Sparkle, try updating your profile at gnronline.com.

I've heard that some people who registered a long time ago somehow got dropped from the mailing list. But if you update your profile, you can get back on it.

I've heard this has worked for some people.

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