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Today we have had more than 400 people online at the same time on MYGNRFORUM.COM. This is an exceptionnally high number of members online at the same time.

The previous maximum was 246 members in april of 2005.

In the last hours, many features have been either turned off or edited in order to reduce overhead on the database.

20 minutes ago I was runnng out of features to disable in order to prevent the Forum from crashingso the Forum had to be turned OFFLINE for 8 minutes.

During those 8 minutes, even if the Forum was slow, ADMINS, GLOBAL MODS, MODS, SUPPORTERS still had access to the Forum.

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the most populated invision board today or maybe week?

maybe :)

A lot of forums have more than 500 at a time regularly.

Ok fair enough, i'd like to know what subjects they cover and you can't say AOL complaints board!!

and Eric have you ever thought about opening parts of the board just for supporters. i.e the Support section could be used for the supporters, so the uses are paying for support. Many forums and companies do this. May bring in some more $

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