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Third Song Leaked - "There Was A Time"


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From Blabbermouth:

A full-length version of another track recorded during the sessions for GUNS N' ROSES' much-anticipated "Chinese Democracy" album has been leaked — this time of the song "There Was A Time", or "T.W.A.T."

The track, which has been rumored to exist for some time within the GUNS N' ROSES fan community, is the third new GN'R song to make its way online in two days — joiing the full-length leak of the song "I.R.S." and a one-minute, 20-second clip of a track called "Better". GUNS N' ROSES' management has reportedly been asking webmasters to delete the files from their sites, and to also remove any links to them, in an effort to stop their spread. It's unknown where the leaks originated.

Although GUNS N' ROSES frontman Axl Rose has yet to officially comment on the leaks, Lisa Reed, wife of longtime GN'R member Dizzy Reed, reportedly let her feelings be known in an online post. 'I just don't understand it," she wrote with regards to the leak. "If people claim to love the band and Axl so much, why on earth would you do something you know will piss them off? Especially when all signs point to it getting closer and closer. It's like shaking all your Christmas presents on the 23rd of December and figuring out what they are. No surprise and you ruined the fun for the giver. I just as much as anyone want this record to come out. but BE PATIENT!'"

Axl Rose has said fans would get to hear new music this year, and former lead guitarist Slash has been telling interviewers that "Chinese Democracy" will be out in March, but no official release date has been announced.

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