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The first single


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I for one think that the first single will definately one of the four that Marco Beltrami reportedly did in 2003. It makes sense that AXl put his masterpieces in the hands of an expert. Why would you go to all the trouble of hiring someone such as him if you thought the product was average? The four song were Seven, Leave me alone, General, and Thyme(Which could be T.W.A.T. with a new name), which actually be fantastic considering the song as we have it now would pale to something that a studio version with the additions of Marco on it. Now I can't remember descriptions of the rest but I remember hearing rumours of general being the "NEW" Welcome to the Jungle(AXL, if you're reading this I'm sorry for the old Aerosmith reference). The song just seems to have power in the name alone. This could also be a tie to what Zach Wylde said when he heard that CD sounded like AFD on "steroids". I think General if the old rumours are true would be a good possibile fit to kick it all off. I can just hear it now with the background being something out of WWII with thousands of soldiers coming at you and then...It's AXL and the New...Improved version of what we all know and love, GN'F'R!!!!

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