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It seems that there is some fraction of you who have taken the political stance to stop all of the leaking because it is wrong and only hurts the band. While I can respect admins who enforce leaking guidelines in order to keep the site up and free from prosecution, I can’t understand for one minute how some of you are so adamant that the leaks should stop for the good of GNR?

Honestly, this is the best couple of weeks any of us have had in the history of this underground GNR community. We have been handed studio quality songs from the band that we have been waiting on since 1994. This is the main reason we are here. I’ve been waiting for this record for so long; it is pathetic and funny at the same time.

It seems pretty obvious that our hero Axl Rose doesn’t give two shits about his fan base or he would have communicated to us over the years. That’s fine, it’s clear we all accept this mistreatment and have stood by patiently awaiting a finished product. It also seems obvious that our hero isn’t the brightest of bulbs out there. To keep yourself holed up for over a decade and hold onto your recordings under a tight lock and key for that long makes you wonder about him to begin with. Then, when the record is almost done, you go out bouncing around the city and hand over the CD to bar owners as leverage in order to hold a private party. One minute, he’s huddled in the corner holding onto his precious CD for dear life and the next; he’s tossing it around like free candy?

I, for one, could care less if Axl is pissed off that these songs have leaked. It’s his own fault. Maybe these leaks will delay the release of CD or maybe they’ll speed it up? Who the hell knows with this guy?

At least, we have our hands on 4 new songs. If GNR management is upset and frustrated, now they know how we have felt for the past decade. Suck on that!

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I dont really mind the leaks

i just personally would like not to listen to them, since the album should come out soon.

now, if it doesnt, i could always listen to the leaks at a later time

i just dont want to ruin my own surprise

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Opposing the leaks is taking the side of the suits who are antithesis of rock n roll.

Axl will live and die a millionaire....trust me....we don't have to worry about him.

I guarantee that 99% of the people downloading the songs will buy the album anyway.

The radio stations are being allowed to play these songs....think about the ceist and desist letters are coming about a week late. Shit they played IRS on the radio here in Albuquerque about 3-4 days ago. The management could've stopped all this by simply sending a letter to Clear Channel which owns like 90% of the stations.

In conclusion: keep leaking.

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