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New Darkness music video

Dead Flower

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Haha, I'm not really a fan of the new album, but the video for Is It Just Me? is an absolute pisser.

Bit of a November Rain parody, with Hawkins in fine form. Highlights include (1) Hawkins doing a kickass guitar solo while wearing a wedding dress, (2) Hawkins getting married to himself, (3) Richie Edwards looking splendid in a bridesmaid dress.

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Same, the darkness rock...

i love their new album, hazel eyes is the funniest/greatest song i've heard in a while. Girlfriend, knockers, is it just me, seemed like a good idea at the time, english country garden... ah its all just great music

tongue and cheek rock n roll at its best.... I'll download their new clip, see how funny it is ;)

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Axl doesn't like this band !

I heard him singing on November Rain : " So nevermind The Darkness"

whenEVER i hear that bit on NR i always think of the band :rofl-lol:

on topic: amazing, darkness pw3n, in an english country gaaarrrrrden.... :heart:

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