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Theres Nothing You Can Do

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Theres Nothing You Can Do-

[guitar intro]

[drums start up]

[bass following guitar]

Ohh Darling,

how could i forget the first time

the first time we met

the first time you looked at me, and i looked at you

Now theres nothing, no nothing you can do,

i said, nothing, no nothing you can do

you're a' smoke tokin' coke ropin' cock chokin' bitch

nothing , no theres nothing you can do

when we first spoke, you told me you were clean

doin drugs was only a dream

'soon as i really met you i found out you were

a smoke tokin' coke ropin' cock chokin' bitch

i let you by at first, tryin to help you out

but you wouldnt even try, what a bitch, BITCH, BITCH


I didnt want this to happen but all you said was

theres nothing, no nothing you can do

so what does this tell the world? i guess it just goes to say

theres nothing, no nothing you can do

[background singers]

nothing, ohhh nothing

nothing ohhh nothing


[back to lead vocals]

so now that i know for sure, that you arnt "her"

now i know you're a bitch BITCH, BITCH

welcome to the real world

[guitar solo fading out]

:rofl-lol: lol guess who's bored?

James S.

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