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November Rain - pani music idea

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I was thinking, if I can find an appropriate (and free) program, about writing out the piano transcript for November Rain - in other words, exactly what Axl plays on the piano. I've noticed that there are loads of requests for it, but that, as no transcript exists, people usually just get directed to a piano-melody version or a tab. Would anybody be interested or would I be wasting my time?

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Are you saying that you know how to play the piano parts ot November Rain and that you're willing to write the music?

Well, in that case, I'll go with Guitar Pro.

Guitar pro is not limited ot guitar alone. It has the piano board and shows you exactly which notes are being played as the song is being played. You can write music, plus it will then automatically show you the tabs for it.

There's a lot more you can do then just simply what the name "guitar pro" suggests.

There's a free demo version, and a retail version that costs a little bit.

If you're interested, go to http://www.guitar-pro.com/en/index.php and see the demo, and see if that's what you are looking for.

Also, if you PM me, I am willing to help you.

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