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we finnally recorded shit last night 3 songs and an instrumental version of WTTJ only 2 are up for listenb at purevolume but tell me what you think

i sang because no one else wanted to lol and we used a drum loop cuz we cant find a good drummer


our name is new rose but it was taken so the site is new roses

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Practice your playing and singing for a couple of years and try again. That was not good at all, the songs sound like a huge mess. "Over" sounds like a Better-ripoff. The solos were horrible.

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Well, the drummer is quite good, doesn't miss a note.


Seriously, i think you should practice a lot more (i mean, lots and lots more) before ever trying to record anything else. Also, tuning the guitars before recording isn't a bad idea... ;)

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thanks yea that drummer is great. and lol i wrote that better rip off while listening to better the day it leaked but the second verse of it doesnt sound as much like better to me at least. and well it was fun to record. and dont worry....i dont plan on singing alot more... and after saying my guitar playing sucked i wont do that again either....lol jk

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