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what are the top 5 stoner albums?


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when I used to smoke..........

1- Jimi Hendrix - Experience

2- Pink Floyd - Relics

3- Pearl Jam - No Code ..trust me light a joint and listen to that.

4 - Led Zeppelin - Physical Graphitti disc 2

5 - Ramones - Anthology

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Guest zipgunboogie

1. T rex -- My people were fair to have sky in there hair, but now there content to wear stars on their brows

2. Led Zeppelin - III

3. The Beatles - Revolver

4. T rex - Tanx

5. guns n roses -- lies

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Kyuss - Welcome To Sky Valley. The ultimate stoner rock record.

No Code (as previously mentioned)

Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream (though it's good for everything)

Mastodon - Leviathan Dude, its like about the sea, but it SOUNDS like the sea, it's like woah :shocked:

NIN - Downward Spiral

Basically, anything which is like, WALL OF SOUND MAN!

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