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fav. pearl jam studio album

King Rose

what's your favourite studio album of this great band  

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what is your favourite PJ album......I don't know myself.... Vs. or Ten I can't choose

tomorrow, tomorrow, TOMORROW :lol:

EDIT: if you prefer other STUDIO albums I didn't included like Mirror Ball or something, put it in a reply

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and the new one was leaked onto the net a few weeks ago so people could choose that :)

yeah I know about that, and forgot about that, thanks to you I know about that again, but all of you must help to not forget about that again

oooh srry, some say I'm crazy... I guess I'll always be.... (that's my motto :P )

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vs. then yield then vitalogy then ten

i rank ten low cuz i think i overlisten to that (the tape is in my car and keeps flipping over!)

I think it's the same situation for me. I absolutely loved Ten when I got it but I just listened to it so much that I get tired of it quickly now. I mean I still love al ot of the stuff on their like Black and Evenflow and others but on the other hand songs like Alive and Once seem bland now that I've listened to them so much. That is why I put Vitalogy over Ten. I've listened to Vitalogy probably just as much as Ten but I still love it.

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