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What do i need to open a BIN file?


A pair of tweezers and nerves of steel

well, a BIN program file on thge computer.

also, what opens a RAR file?


Sometimes i mount the bin file using vcd gear but it depends what the bin file is for - if its for a movie i used vcd gear and it turns or mounts to mpeg - rar files can be opened with winrar. < both can be downloaded free.

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Stuffit Expander will open .bin files, also known as Mac Binary files. They are not disk images, so the don't "mount," they are just un-archived. However, they may contain a disk image...

I'm almost sure you can find this little software in any downloads site or you may just Google it..

here's a link, I think it's from the official "Stuffit" site:


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you need THIS

Download and install it.

Then there will come a little deamon tool icon at beside your clock in the bottom left corner of your screen. Right click it and choose [Virtual CD/DVD Rom] And go to [MOUNT IMAGE] Then find the bin file and open it.

if this doesn't work. Use winrar. But if it is a disk file. This is definatly the best way.

often used in the rather (not legal) comunity if that is what you are or may not explore right now. :rolleyes:

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