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What the hell?

Death Star

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Really is is about Led Zeppelin?

Courtney Love: The Zeppelin Song

Will you accept a collect call

From Robert Plant?

We picked him up on Vine

On a bus bench singing that song he will not stop

This is not the first time

He was so cute (yeah yeah)

Jonny Punk Rock, so cynical

You woulda jumped him too

But now the song remains

Why are the burners always toast?

Why are the stoners always stoned?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To get away from the Zepplin song.

I got a job minimum wage & a tabledance

He drinks my beer and plays guitar

He's on my bed wasted every night when I come home

Play the same old lead again and again and again...

Sometimes I gotta say shutup

Sometimes I gotta say so what

I don't think that it's so punk

What's with the Zepplin song

Sometimes I gotta unwind

Sometimes I gotta hide

Sometimes erase and rewind

I gotta throw the trash out

He's playing the stairway to hell

Yeah that is him

Playin' the same old Zepplin song again & again & again & again & again & again...

I'm a guitar

A Les Paul single cutaway

Please don't play that song on me again

I'll explode

I'll break all my strings and start playing shit

Like the Sex Pistols or anything

Sun House or the Blues

Why does he rain on my parade?

Why does the song remain the same?

I can't remember my own name

I work for minimum wage

Oh go tell it to Jimmy Page

At the crossroads with the deal he made

Cuz that song ain't goin' away

Oh God the Zepplin song!

No no the Zepplin song!

Here comes the Zepplin song!

Oh God the Zepplin song!

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Her solo album's actually pretty good. It has some really rocking songs mixed with a punk influence. Her voice is so raw on this album. Better than the last few albums she did with Hole.

Agree-- it sounds likes a good Hole album. I know she is a bitch and people hate her but she writes many great songs. And yes that song is about all weak guitar players trying to impress a girl playing Stairway instead of something genuine. She gives kudos in the album credits to Jimmy and Robert so people don't think she hates the mighty Zep---

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