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These are friends of mine im not part of the band see what you think. Fletch is a long time School friend of mine he is big into GNR and gutted he cant make Download and Ireland with me. Musical Influences for this band are as follows Iron Maiden Savatage Guns N Roses Malmsteen Metallica Dragon Force Judas Priest


Emerging from the British music scene in 2005, Illusion, a band thats genre has proven hard to define, has been described as Metal for the 21st century. Their current album 'Labyrinth' delivers an eclectic mix of fast paced Metal in the title track Labyrinth with the contrasting song 'Skin Deep' providing a harrowing melodic expression of emotion. In essence Illusion has something innovative, exciting and ultimately new to show the world.

Friends since senior school, Andy, Fletch and Steve formed a band in 1996, initially taking centre stage to play the likes of Metallica, Iron Maiden and the much loved Guns N Roses. It was at this time Andy penned the music and lyrics for 'By your Side' a track that has grown to become a favourite within the group. With the pressure of career choices looming the band split to pursue University degrees, Andy a born engineer, Steve a design genius and Fletcher with his passion for the women happened upon Southampton to study the fairer sex and indulge in drug and drink fuelled binges.

It wasn't until November 2004 that Andy, the stronghold of the group rounded us up with his new set of songs and refined music, to form 'Illusion'. The addition of Locke in early 2005 to provide the percussion, has given the much need depth and timing to our established songs.

With our album Labyrinth currently being recorded we aim to show the world what music has been missing.

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