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Extra Ticket for 5/14


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Hey all,

New member here. I have an extra ticket for the Sunday show at Hammerstein and figured it would be better to give it to a fan who really wanted it. I'm not looking to make any money on this so I'm selling it for face value which is $75. Its in Mezz 2 and its a hard ticket. No Eticket crap. I would love to go but the whole Mother's Day thing got in the way. Thank god I am going tonight though.

If anyone can use the ticket I can meet them at Hammerstein tonight before the show or we can work something else out. I don't think shipping is an option since the show is Sunday and all.

Hope someone can use it or its going to go to waste.

Once again: Guns N Roses - HAMMERSTEIN May 14, 2006 - $75 Mezz 2


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