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Posters and Tickets from last nights show


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Well Sebastian I first Met walking up to my Mezzanine seat, he was walking up there with his hot girlfriend (I had the Index Card signed then)

Then after the show I hung around the backside and was hoping for anyone to come out and sign and sure enough Bumblefoot was hanging around out back and came over to a group of us and signed whatever we wanted, he was making different cool pictures on peoples things to,, he is a really cool guy

I saw pretty much saw everyone else in the band leave in a van, Dizzy came over to our group after a few people yelled his name, he shook a bunch of hands, but as soon as he attempted to sign autographs, someone wearing a Troy Brown Jersey(probably the Manager) grabbed him and told him they were already late and had to leave(and everyone booed the Troy Brown guy)

Then about 20 minutes after the van with the band left, Axl and Sebastian pop out, Axl does a wave/fistpump to the crowd standing there(but obviously doesnt sign, he did take a picture with a hot girl who went over to his SUV)

And Sebastian was walking on the streets of NY with a bottle of red wine and a wine glass in his hand drunk as all hell, I got the ticket signed then...

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