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my trip to NYC for the concerts

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- 14th -

Alright, what a few crazy days this has been! I traveled over 3200 miles from BC to see these shows. I arrived in NY on the 14th and was hanging out in the hotel room that night (i didn't have a ticket to the show) when at about 9:15 I downloaded a bootleg of Better from the 12th off of mygnr with the sketchy wi-fi on the 22nd floor. I was listening to it and during the intro my mom said "Hey, that’s the song you always play on guitar", and when the first verse kicked in, I though "fuck it" i'm going to the show.

So I went out of the hotel and on the first corner by the hotel (on the way to the hammerstein) and I dropped $100 to a scalper for a Mezz 1 ticket.

I went into the concert (there was only like 2 people in line in front of me) and made my way up to mezz 1. I took a seat and about an hour and a half later the intro to Jungle came blaring through. Everyone got out of there seats and moved up to the front of the mezz. Even though I got there so late, there were only 2 people in front of me!

Axl sounded awesome, although sometimes it was hard to hear his voice. In between one song Axl came out and said: "Happy Mothers Day,... Mother FUCKERS!!" Lots of people cheered for that!

Axl also thanked all the fans for holding their breath for the album, and he said we were way louder than the night before. The rest of the band looked good, Robin had a stage dive and Ron brought out an acoustic for The Blues and I think Patience too.

I think that Axl messed up a little on patience and screwed up a verse on November Rain. Although, I could have been wrong, there was a lot of pot being smoked around me.

I was blown away by the show overall, although Madagascar, IRS, and TWAT were missing from the setlist. They played Rocket Queen, unlike on the 12th, and closed out with Paradise City for an encore.

- 15th -

So, the next night I had a floor ticket and I went to the show at about 7:30. The line was way too long (and I didn’t want to sit through Bullet for my Valentine), so I went back to the hotel and went back at about 9:30. I pushed my way through most of the crowd, and by about half-way through the show I was within three rows of the stage. The mosh-pits that broke out made it easier to go up.

Axl mentioned that better was a robin song, and he also talked a little about how the people in New York always recognize him. He was also talking about Izzy a lot, and I was sure he was going to show.

I was never a big Out Ta Get Me fan, but this performance rocked, and it was one of my favourites from the Hammerstein shows. I was also glad that they played IRS and Madagascar this show, although there was still no TWAT, even though someone had a sign. During bumbles solo, he put the guitar in the audience and let people touch it. Also during a song (can’t remember which) a security guy was getting angry at someone, and Axl told him to calm down.

Before the encore, Axl came out with a lightsabre and he was spinning it around and stuff. They went on to play patience, Chinese democracy, and then of course Paradise city. During Paradise City, Tommy gave someone in front of me the finger, although I don’t know why. Axl was also looking right at me during on of the PC lines, and it was so awesome cause I was singing too and he was right there!


The show on the 17th was the best of them all. I lined up at the Hammerstein at about 2:30 this time, because I wanted to get right up to the front. It was a long wait, but we had some fun that involved pop-can soccer and then a bum pissing on the road and getting dragged away by the cops.

When we finally got in, I was right up against the bar on the left side, and then some guy who played drums with his hands came on. He was ok, seemed like a cool guy. BFMV came on next and they sucked hard! Some of the songs started out pretty good, but then that lead “singer” came on and ruined it. The lead guy was giving me dirty looks because I was yelling at them. Finally, after some good tunes over the speakers, Guns hit the stage.

Ron was right in front of me and during WTTJ I pointed at him and he pointed back and mouthed “whatsup man” to me. It was so cool! At some parts Axl was so close, but he wouldn’t shake anyone’s hand during the show. Axl also kidded and said “maybe I should release an album” or something like that. The audience also lost it when Izzy came out, and to a lesser extent when Kid Rock came out. I don’t think kid rock knew the words to nightrain, and it looked like he didn’t know what to do, but it was still cool!

Ron’s solo was also awesome this night, when he played his fretless guitar. The whole show was awesome and they played a huge set. At one point Robin came off the stage and he was walking around the stage behind the barricade. When he came by me, I patted him on the shoulder and told him thanks for the great show. He defiantly stepped out for these shows!

But the best for me was when Robin came to me after the encore and handed me a Heineken from the stage. This was unreal and it made my trip to NYC so much better. These were my first three concerts, and Guns N’ Roses delivered.

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Guest cherry_bomb
Before the encore, Axl came out with a lightsabre and he was spinning it around and stuff.

:rofl-lol::rofl-lol: got a great mental image of that

cool review cheers, sounds like you had a great time rock3

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