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Supermassive Black Hole

Dead Flower

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Anyone heard it? Seems to have divided a lot of Muse fans. Some think the band is selling out and now making pop tunes, while others think it's very cool and different.

I reckon it's great. Has a bit of a Prince influence going on, with it's really funky beat and Matt embracing the high pitched falsetto even more so than usual. It's also a bit more upbeat and groovy than the stuff from 'Absolution' (one of my all time favourite albums) which is nice to see .

But, with all that said, I kinda hope Matt gives the guitar a bit more of a workout in some of the other tracks from the new album. I don't want them to move completely away from what made them great in the first place.

Awesome band. They've had a hell of a run so far:

120px-Museshowbizalbumcover.jpg .. 120px-Museoriginofsymemtryalbumcover.jpg .. 120px-Muse_-_Absolution_Cover_UK.jpg


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It's great. I know that some people bitch coz they think the band is trying to get commercial success, but I personally love the slightly different sound. It's upbeat, while still being classic Muse. And besides, Time is running out is a much more commercial song than SBH. They both rock, though.

Now, I haven't heard anything else from the album, and probably won't either, I want the record to surprise me on July 3. Can't wait.

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