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Just thought I'd create a thread asking the forum what you guys expect to see at Rio. What do you want to see? What's the bare minimum that if the band doesn't hit you will feel a bit disappointed? That kind of thing. I know some people won't want to be negative and they'll say everything is perfect even if it's the exact same show as in NY. But as fans I know you guys want to see something significant happen. You don't want to see the same show over and over again. So let's hear it.

Actually GN'R is playing a show before Rio let's not forget, tonight in Madrid. But Rio is huge. A worldwide audience really. So forgive us if we overlook Spain for a bit. Frankly, I will be a bit disappointed if Rio is just another show without something memorable happening. Does Axl have something significant planned that he wants to reveal to as many fans as possible all at once? Or does he realize that most of the audience that will tune in will not be us hardcore fans, and that songs like Better and I.R.S. will be brand new for those people?

One more thought about Hammerstein's setlist. A few members here, myself included, were disappointed in the setlists, i.e. that there simply weren't enough new songs. But what would we have all thought if the leaks didn't happen? The only new songs we knew were the ones from 2002. Then Hammerstein happens and we hear Better, TWAT, and I.R.S. all for the first time? Three songs is actually a lot to take in all at once. I am thinking that we'd have been pretty satisfied with that. We'd of been starved for something new, and Axl would've said, "here's not one, not two, but three new songs for you." Pretty cool. But if you knew these songs for months in advance, like we did, well then obviously they won't have quite the same impact.

Anyways, here's hoping for some big news at Rio. Me, I'd be happy with one new song. If this album is really coming out this year, why not play a new song from time to time along the way? They don't have to give us the entire album all at once...bits and pieces would be fine. Save the biggest song or two for last.

One last thought - no matter what happens, this is gonna be one kick ass show. There's not one thing I'd rather be doing this Saturday. rock3

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I accept what your saying about the new songs, but surely he was aware of what leaked, to be honest, I am expecting at least one new song and perhaps some more variation in the old GNR stuff, I mean New York was more or less appetite alone and thats not good enough, actually now that I think about it thats all Rose's band seem to know, didn't I hear somewhere the band were learning the LIES tracks before the acoustic show?

a release date would also be something I think subitable to the occasion, but something maybe happening on that front tomorrow anyway (trunk interview?), all and all the one thing I'm worried about it, is that all the shows end up being exactly the same and that seems more and more possible.

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