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Hey im just requesting a few tabs if anyone has them i would appreciate it. Firstly anyone got any of the following:


Wild Horses(Powertab)


Don't know if you'lll have any of these but it was worth a try any help will be appreciated :)

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Also today i started to learn nightrain. I have only played it for about an hour so im gonna practice it more tommorow but i have all of it sorted really except for the solo which needs a bit of practice but hopefully shouldn't take too long.

Can anyone suggest any decent songs which would help me get better at playing fairly long/big solos :)

Thanks or any tips :)

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here is the Madagascar solo --->madagascar i really dont know how accurate it is though

i have a powertab versoon of wildhorses but its very un accurate but the guitar pro one i have is spot on

hope this is some help to you

EDIT: an here wildhorses in txt format ---> Wildhorses its exactly like the guitar pro version and its long solo that inst hard

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