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GnR on an italian important financial newspaper


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It's since 13 years that the Italian fans wait for them.

The last time that the Guns' n Roses had played from us, was 1993. A memorable concert, like all their performances then, on the other hand. Who between the end of the years' 80 and first years' 90 has assisted to an exhibition of the Gunners, has seen something of unforgettable. At that time they were the king of the rock world-wide. Theirs turneè realized astronomical proceeds, nobody to the world could compete with the L.A. group .There was not an other band that could inflame the public like them, triggering true and own scenes of hysteria, that they went very beyond the simple enthusiasm, wherever they went.

But who, struck by lightning from one of their concerts then, is still waiting for the return, is well that she knows that will have to continue to attend. First of all, in fact, band that it will play Sunday evening to the Idroscalo of Milan, like headliner of the Gods of the Metal, with old the Guns has in common only the name and the vocalist. All the rest of the group, Slash, Izzy, Duff and the others, do not make part of this skillful and revivalistica reconstruction. Little badly, it could think someone. It will not be the same thing, in agreement, but there is also always the leggendario Axl Rose. Charismatic, sciamano singer of the hard rock. He gets passionate to you if they will remember it: magnetic, sensuale, spiritato, excessive. A fury that knew also to be a poet (tasks to songs like November rain). Nothing more mistaken. The Axl that all remember not is more. To its place, in the dates of the new one tour, a man from the swollen ace, the fixed look introduces itself on the theater box, that he seems to have hour to pay until in bottom it scotto of one life of excesses. The reports tell that the vocalist, fattened and weak, it is not that the shadow of that it has been in past. The official start of their tournee European, to Madrid, has been described from Spanish newspapers like disastrous. First of all, Axl, than does not seem to have lost the bad habits, has been introduced on the theater box with two hours of delay, to midnight instead that to the ten. The exhibition, then, is begun between the insults of an obviously spazientito public. The performance has been revealed disappointing, with little emotions, all tied to the old songs. That Mr. Rose had of the problems, was not difficult to understand. When the band was melted, to half of years' 90, it was to the apex of the happened one. The singer determined soon to reconstruct the Gunners, but without its old companions. Since he was he the legal holder of the name of the group, he put himself endured to the work. From then, it is not successful to realize not even a album. The new record, titled “Chinese Democracy” has become nearly one joke. Its release has been announced a dozen of times at least during the last few years and hour has been still sent back, to this autumn. The quality of the songs, if we refere to the unknown ones that Axl has sung in the concerts, does not promise nothing good, of' far close to the historical songs of the Guns' n Roses. The times in which their first job came out are far , Appetite for distruction. A disc that contained only masterpieces of rock. They are passes to you, by now, the days in which the band of Los Angeles it was allowed to play to the Russian roulette , marketing two album at the same time, the two Use Your Illusion, and succeeding to place them one to first and the other to according to place of the hit-parade. To all that we must add that, it seems, the new musicians who have replaced Slash and companions, are rather disappointing. Perhaps, to this point, the only road in order to still make living the Guns, would be to return to the original line-up.

Meantime, who Sunday evening will go to see the concert to the Idroscalo of Milan, will better hope in miracle of old Mr. Rose and, however, do not have too many illusions….

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