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Update from the admin of mygnrforum.com


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Update from the admin of mygnrforum.com:

On June 23rd 2006, a security exploit was used to mess up data on the Forum. The forum's automated email system was used to send out an email to members, which some of you may have received.

All computer software can become vulnerable from time to time. Seems that security exploits are getting more and more common. This was an unfortunate incident.

Luckily, I often make backups. Restoring a backup is normally fast and simple on a small forum. However mygnrforum is a large forum with many posts, making the restoration more complicated.

Long story short: The backup restoration did not work 100% properly, and it took 4 hours of work for the host to fix the technical issues and get the forum back up.

The most recent backup that was recoverable (but not the most recent one made) was: JUNE 4th 2006.


1) The Forum is now back to where it was on June 4, 2006

2) 19 days of posts have been lost

3) Members who registered after June 4th 2006 will need to RE-REGISTER

4) Is my password safe? Passwords are encrypted in the database. Even I (the admin) CANNOT know your password. This is a security feature. Should you feel more secure to change your password, you can do so by clicking here.

I encourage Webmasters from all Forums to be on the lookout for security exploits. Would be cool if Forum members from all Forums would keep an eye on security patches and notify the Webmasters should danger be near.

Thank you to everyone who has e-mailed me to show their support. This was appreciated!

Suffered from Forum withdrawal symptoms? You are not the only one!

Missed you all and glad to be back!


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