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What's A Good Bootleg Place for Movies??


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Besides "Bittorrent" which doesn't work for me. I use "Ares" but somethimes the movies are gay porn in disguise. I' trying to find the new Adam Sandler movie, "Click", but I don't have a good program or anything. Anybody got some advice? A link and instructions would be nice.

I'm wayy too cheap to go to the movies right now....

Saving my money for an Ice Cream Truck....

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eMule --> http://www.emule-project.net/ is really good for getting movies, etc. You need a bit more patience, as it doesn't work on the same principles as say bittorrent, so files can be slower to get started and download. Good thing is, you'll find almost anything and everything on eMule.

P.S. Why does bittorrent not work for you? Are you sure you don't need to just forward some ports on your router?

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