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prettiest star/ritz DVDs

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hey guys/gals-

does anyone have any thoughts on "the prettiest star" DVD? any good? worth the cash?

also, i've seen a lot of RITZ 88 dvd's on ebay. i already downloaded this, but it's a really bad copy: the cuss words are bleeped, it's missing 3 songs, the audio is bad, and for some reason the entire thing is cropped like somebody transferred it wrong. kinda like if it was widescreen but instead of being black on top/bottom, it's black on left and right.

is there an un-edited, good version of this out there? i see them on ebay all the time, but i'm afraid it will just be the one i have with more songs.

also, is there any other good pre-illusion era concert DVD that isnt the ritz show?


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I have The Prettiest Star DVD and I actually liked it. I mean it doesn't feature any real GN'R music or Axl interviews but its got some good Axl info.

As far as the Ritz 88 DVD goes, there's an unedited once out there. I've seen it for download before. I have an edited version that I made from videos posted on the forum. It's got all the videos and pretty good quality. If I were you I would just request the unedited version and make another copy. It's much better than buying one off of ebay IMO. Plus you never know what you're getting with the ebay stuff so it might be the same version with more songs like you said. Not worth the risk to me.

As far as good pre-illusion concert DVD's.... I actually don't know any. I mean I've heard of good ones like CBGB's and Roxy but I've only heard the audio for those. If yo haven't heard it then Ritz 87 was great but there is no video for it. All the DVD's I have other than Ritz 88 are Illusion era or GNR 2002. Sorry.

Hope this helped a little.

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