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Ibanez guitars.

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I wanna get an ibanez guitar but with a 12 fret inlay only. but all the ones that do have that, are well over a grand. so is there any way to maybe buy a normal ibanez and getting it like that without a new neck?

oh, and if anyone can suggest a good reasonalby priced ibanez that looks like this: http://ibanez.com/guitars/guitar.asp?model=SA2120FM

tell me thats not the sex! :P

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thanks santana. that guitar looks sweet. wat exactly does the throguh the body bridge do though? :question:

A through the body bridge helps with sustain. The fewer points of contact between the body of the guitar and the strings, the more sustain you will have. If you take a Les Paul for example, you have the tune-o-matic brige, the stop bar, and the posts. On the Schecter, the strings pass over the tune-o-matic, and straight through the body, cutting out 2 points (stop bar, posts) between the strings and the guitar.

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