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Email from mr. Fortus

Hanoi Rocks

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I was reading my emails and noticed that Richard Fortus has replied my email about a month ago, there is nothing really new, but someone can find this interesting

"Hi Ilkka,

thanks for taking the time to write to me. I appologize for taking so

long to respond to your email. You are right. Axl and the rest of us

want to make the best album we can possibly make. It will not be a

double album, but there will be more records released soon. The songs

are awesome and i hope that you will think so as well. Hope that you

are coming to the shows in Finland!"

see you there,


> -------- Original Message --------

> Subject: Guns n Roses

> From: "Ilkka Kangas" <loiste_band@hotmail.com>

> Date: Mon, December 19, 2005 1:43 pm

> To: 4tus@richardfortusonline.com


> Hi Richard!

> Thanks for writing me back =) There aint too much rockstars who got time to

> write to their fans =)

> I am just curious, and i wanted to ask why Axl wants write the record (CD)

> (Same songs as far as i know) all over again and again. What keeps he doing

> that? Is he just perfektionist or is there too much pressure and he wants to

> do greatest rock album ever ? Do you think Chinese democracy will be double

> album? i am sure there is enough material for that =) What are your opinion

> of the new songs, what will be the biggest hit(s) ? I would be thankfull if

> you could reply to me once more time i am die hard fan of Guns n roses and i

> will wait no matter how long it will take!


> Ilkka

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