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Perfection through Imperfection

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Last night was my 3rd show of this tour and the best to date... "The show was shorter, Axl had to go off it was shit... They only played one new song" I hear you saying....

The band were very very tight... they fit so perfect and each of them were so into it it... and the amount of people cheering the new guys last night was so damn good to see... and the band reacted to this... they were smiling and giving it more and more each time the crowd cheered them.... yes... from where I was standing a crowd of people cheered the new guys... as opposed to one or two people at Hammersmith or Donington.

Axl.... Axl's voice was excellent.. for someone who was ill he sounded amazing and also gave it everything... This was the show that shouldn't have been... but he wanted to send us home at the end of the tour happy.... and he did....

It was also an unpredictable show... Following the Tour online you roughly know the set.. you know the order.... So when Bach came out on Nightrain it was like what the fuck.... this isn't how the set is meant to go!! he comes out on 'My Michelle' not this song!!! then what?? Paradise City? no encore.... Bach on Vocals.... now this REALLY shouldn't happen... it's fucking great though... Rock N' Roll was never meant to be scripted or run perfectly... What was gonna happen next? I never had that feeling at the other shows...

A couple of guys infront of us were moaning about Sebastian Bach coming on but I loved it... I fuckin' love Bach! Thinking about it now it was really positive... 90% of the crowd were going nuts and rocking out during Paradise City.. proving this isn't just the Axl Rose show and that the band can carry this when needed to!

After all that excitment of the last 2 songs it was still confusing but Merck came out and addressed the situation which was cool... it was cool seeing Merck too!!

The band also said some nice words and thanked Sebastian for what he has done for the band... saying he showed them how to care for eachother and value eachother...

The band took a bow and that was the end of the Euro tour....

GUNS N' ROSES - Wembley Arena - July 30th.....

"Perfection through Imperfection"

What's gonna happen next?!?!

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