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Were you standing?

I would imagine they do that so they know whos meant to be in there and who isnt, otherwise you could come and go as you please, and pass the standing ticket around for anyone to use

With a wristband, only the wearer will be able to enter that area

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Yeah but you get the wrist band as soon as you go in... so if I passed the ticket around they wouldn't be able to get a standing band because they would have got one when they got in..

I saw some people ripping peoples bands off... So if they got caught they'd be chucked out and they have no ticket to prove they should be there....

While on my rant... I think it was shitty how they wouldn't let you get some fresh air.... it's the fucking end of July.... it's hot... give me some fresh air.... bitches!!!!

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Yeah because you had to go to the front dor where you come in to collect them... but a lot of people were walking out of the side doors.

I think I went out the front doors, but I didn't go out immediately, buying merchandise :xmasssanta:

Thanks for the info fye :)

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slightly wrong thread. but still: why the fuck didnt they ive tickets back in manchester gig!?!? i was standing and after the show i went to get it but they just said that they dont give it back . that sucks. not that i need it to proove, i have like my memories and stuff, but still if would be quite nice to have it. bitches!

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