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Short Tour

Vincent Vega

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Well, as dates have stopped appearing, I guess that's the length and breadth of the tour..for a comeback US tour, it's very short. No East Coast dates (such as Philly!) no Canadian dates (such as Vancouver!) Just a few little Cali, Reno and Vegas dates. Say what you want, but this isn't a full tour--The Europe trek was a full blown tour..This is like a mini mini tour. I mean, GN'R can't be banned from this many states or arenas that this is the best they can manage.

9/16/2006 The Joint Las Vegas, NV , United States

9/17/2006 The Joint Las Vegas, NV , United States

9/20/2006 The Warfield San Francisco, CA , United States

9/21/2006 The Warfield San Francisco, CA , United States

9/27/2006 Save Mart Center Fresno, CA , United States

9/29/2006 Rabobank Area Theater & Convention Center Bakersfield, CA , United States

9/30/2006 Reno Events Center Reno, NV , United States

10/2/2006 ARCO Arena Sacramento, CA , United States

10/5/2006 ipayOne Center at the Sports Arena San Diego, CA , United States

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i was thinking they are maybe having a hard time getting gigs after the 02 tour. europe was mostly festivals. if they didnt show they could do something, but when GNR doesnt show for one of their own shows there isnt much to do but cancel.

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Axl said in that KROQ interview that the Las Vegas and San Francisco dates were warmups, so I imagine there will be more dates forthcoming. I just hope he comes to Atlanta-it's been a long time since they played here and never with the new line-up.

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I think this is because of the preparation for something to go down at the VMA's

GNR management and Axl saw the slow ticket sales for the first week or so in the states for these West Coast shows, so they know that at the VMA's they must announce something.

Once they announce a single/album or have a performance they will announce more scheduled dates so the tickets sell right after they go up, making GNR look good.

This is of course if GNR does promotion for the tour the CORRECT way, and since it is GNR maybe they only have 9 shows.

I have a feeling the VMA's will be big, explaining the stopping of announced tour dates.

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