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Said and Done- Boyzone


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My sister owns this CD, and I recently gave it another listen. It really isn't bad at all, in comparison to most other 90's pop. Boyzone's later albums, as well as every other pop album of the 90's that I've had the (general) misfortune of hearing sounds so much more flashy and catchy. Boyzone were- for this album at least- a good pop group that really surpassed everything else in the 90's pop stratosphere.

Don't believe me? Allmusic. com is quoted below:

Boyzone uses an older methodology in getting their message across; with classy instrumentals and ultra simplistic chords, they are hardly what one would expect from a boy band.

Boyzone may be low on flashiness but they are ripe with appeal. Pop fans who choose style over substance should keep in mind that novelty sounds best in its early season and in the end only music with a pure core survives. Boyzone owns that purity, thanks largely to their lead vocalist Ronan Keating whose voice is unique, rich in tone and range. Said and Done is not showy, but because of its gentle romanticism and sweet sound it brought the group mountains of recognition.

So really, I consider it more of a soft pop/rock record than a boyband album. BSB, N'Sync, etc. have heavy drum beats and repeated loops, but Boyzone use instruments properly and set out to make music, not catchiness.

Case in point: Father & Son, the Yusuf Islam cover. Where BSB or the Spice Girls would've gone with drum machines and loops, Boyzone use violin, piano, and real drums.


Ignore the video's extreme stupidity and just listen to it.

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Guest cherry_bomb

i used to be a boyband whore :) i went to se boyzone about 4 times. this is a LONG time ago btw.

the said and done video is HILARIOUS! i like that song. i think ud like that whole album adnan!

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