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GNR: Book Of Memories [eta 07/08]


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Good afternoon to all the gunners from Pitseleh.

I would like to take a moment to introduce ourselves before I get to the part you want to read (the actual gnr news). We are a new publishing company, formed in Scotland, funded by two government schemes for being involved in the original and creative market, and we are working on an all new format of writing a Guns N Roses biography. Our first two titles will be published with an ETA of 2007. GNR will be a while after that of course as we are just starting this project.

The biographies we are working on are different to other biographies already on the market as they are told by people who the music truly affected; you and me; by the fans. When our website is complete (I've been told it will be less than a week now) we will of course return with more news and begin to ask for your input. For now though we would like to give you a brief idea of our biography format and hopefully receive some feedback from fans (positive or negative; we appreciate both as it will help us improve)

I personally have been a fan of Guns N Roses for around 7 years. I have been reading and researching their history for a number of years and trying to piece together this rock n roll tale like most of you fans have probably been doing also - you probably wouldnt be on this board unless you wanted to learn more about GNR right? :)

GNR: Book Of Memories

Fans will be asked to submit their own personal life experiences that have involved GNR. Our biography is focusing on the 85-89 era and how those 4 years have continued to affect fans even to this day. We have been piecing together our own biography of those four years, following the bands tour diary, news articles, etc. To piece together each part of the biography we will be including YOUR fan stories and memories. Quick example would be if we were to mention that GNR played The Roxy on 18.01.1986 we would not be writing a critical review of the show, we would be including fans stories and memories from that show. You will be responsible for telling the tale. A few ideas of the kind of stories we will be interested in hearing (when we are ready)


How old were you when you discovered GNR? Do you remember the exact scenario when you first heard the band?

Specific Song

Has a certain song from LLAS, AFD or Lies influenced your life? Tell us which song and why it means so much to you. Maybe you were lucky enough to hear an early version of Dont Cry in 86 and knew instantly it was going to be a classic?


Did you ever meet a member of GNR? When and where did you meet them? What did you experience or feel at the time? Awestruck? Embarrased? Tell us your story.


How have LLAS, AFD and Lies affected your life. They are obviously albums you still listen to today but do you know the reason why? What makes these albums stand the test of time in your CD collection. These are just example questions, when we ask for submissions send us any story you like as long as it is related to the era we stated.

Defining Moment

Has their ever been a profound moment in your life when it feels like their is only you and Axl Rose in the world "who gets it"? Did one line from a song hit you so much that you had to drop everything and really breathe it in? Personally it was, and still is "Estranged" that gets me everytime but you will read that story as soon as our site is up (if our web designer deems it good enough lol)


Did you see GnR live in those early days? Where and when, how did you feel?


Please post your feedback either here or by PM. We will be checking the board daily for replies and answering any questions. Hopefully by the end of this week our website will be complete and we can begin asking for your submissions if you are interested in having your story and name contributed to the real history of GNR.

please do not send us submissions yet - we will return shortly asking for them

coming soon: www.pitseleh.co.uk

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Thank you for the positive replies so far, we would just like to provide a small update. Unfortunately our site has been delayed for a few more days and we can still not accept stories. We would like all stories submitted in the same format so we want to wait for our site to be complete.

We are hopeful to get the management to get behind us on this book in some form, even just praising it. We were fortunate enough to meet Guns in July but those details will be included in the book :)

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