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Blind Melon is back!


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It`s confirmed now,Blind Melon is back with a new lead singer.His name is Travis Warren(Rain Fur Rent).

To any Blind Melon fan this is wonderful news!.Of course it won`t be the same without Shannon but atleast we`ll get to hear Graham,Thorn,Stevens and Smith jamming together.Interesting to say at least.

Blind Melon today.

From left to right. Brad Smith, Travis Warren, Christopher Thorn, Rogers Stevens, Glen Graham.


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Since I'm such a Hoon-fan, I'll admit I'm a bit sceptical, but I'll give the guys a chance.

Any new album or single coming out soon?

I undertsand that,i`m sure alot of Melon fans are.I`m just glad to see the other guys playing together again.For what i understood,this is very fresh and new to everybody,even the members in the band so an album will probably take a while.It`s gonna be really interesting to see which old songs they will play and what their new stuff is like.There`s some songs that most likely won`t work with a new song.Like "Change"(which is my all time fav. BM song) because that was Shannon`s song.He wrote it when he was 17 or something so it was a very personal song for him.Then there`s "New Life" which probably will and absolutely should get skipped.It`s about Shannon and Lisa`s daughter Nico.

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Hopefully soon but there`s really no info about it yet..

Here`s what Rogers Stevens wrote to one of the administrators on the blindmelonforum.com.

Matt asked wheter they are going to use the name Blind Melon or not.

"hi matt

tough question.....

Whatever we do, it'll be for the right reasons...what feels proper,

not for what we're hearing from the peanut gallery. I for one was very

skeptical about all this going out to LA last month, but I'll say

this... 30 seconds into the first song I knew it was ON. I'd imagine

Travis was a bit apprehensive himself...he has a deep respect for

Shannon and the music, so it must've been weird for him. But somehow

he made it cool, thereby earning my respect as well as everyone

else's. I could not imagine how it could work, but it did, and now

here we are. It's not about money or glory or any other trivial

byproduct of rock-n-roll success. We coulda cashed in a long time ago

but none of us are into doing a nostalgia trip. Either we make

something new, while at the same time showing respect to what came

before, or we go on and do other things with our lives (all of us were

knee deep into other stuff before this came along). And that's no

longer an option because we live for this and we want to play

together. I'm sure that we'll have supporters and that at the same

time there will be people who will never accept the band without

Shannon...not much can be done about that. I assure you, however, that

nobody aside from his blood family misses him more than we


I'll leave you with a famous quote to ponder:

"You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can't

please all of the people all of the time." -- Abraham Lincoln"

So it`s not a hundred percent sure that this band will be called Blind Melon yet.

Obviously they gave this alot of thought before trying so their hearts are really into this now.

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