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Better Group? Placebo/Muse?

The Sandman


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Muse! rock3 I like two Placebo songs or maybe it's one but, one is called The Bitter End or something and the other i don't know the name of but it goes "Every me, and every you, every me and every you". Maybe it's the same song i can't remember. it's been a looooong time since i've heard Placebo.

EDIT: i found out the song is actually just called "Every Me and Every You". And also, i just listened to them for the first time in ages, they're better than i thought *thumbs up*

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hard question...

2 of my favourite bands...

i saw placebo on friday night and can i say it was awsome... fucking awsome.. fucking awsome...

Muse have got great riffidge, and are probably better. But personally i just like placebo, brian's lyrics have helped me alot, and he is a great song writer.

Muse just write about anything, i dont think theres as much meaning in there songs.

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both are good. but muse have the edge, they dont seem to get worse with every record like a lot of bands do.

Showbiz was really good

Origin of Symmetry improved on it in every way and was just amazing.

Absolution went a bit more mainstream, with a pop sound. Still some really good stuff on there though.

Black Holes and Revelations is an overproduced, shoddy album that shows Muse have finally gone the way of most bands in the mainstream these days.

So, they have declinded in quality, however they are an amazing live band. Even the new songs (which are SHIT on CD), sound fairly decent live. I'm seeing them this November and I can't wait.

Placebo I've always hated. So yes, Muse.

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Better singer, better bassist, better albums IMHO

No way is Craig Bellamy a better singer than Molko, Molko has a far superior voice. I won't comment on Bass/Albums.

I couldn't disagree more on the singing. IMO Molko has nothing on Matt Bellamy. I downloaded a bunch of Placebo songs and Molko barely sings and when he does it's nothing special. When listening to Muse, i always listen to the range in Matts voice and how he sings, because i find his voice amazing. Molko's voice is kind of just the same throughout his songs.

Btw, i wasn't sure if you delibrately put "Craig" Bellamy or if it was by accident so i just pointed it out ;)

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