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Guns tribute bands

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I don't know wether this is even the best place for this topic but it is g n r related as oppsoed to juts anyhting goes. I don't now whether the word tribute band is a dirty word rounf heer but i thoguth i'd bring it up anywya. At the weekend i went to see a tribute of g n r at a local pub that does live music. I went becasuse i was only 4 when they were really big and though iv seen them several times this year i thought it would be good to see a mock up of the original line up. They were good, looked the part even sounded the part, i mean the vocalist couldnt quite copy Axls voice so they avoided songs like Patience and Don't cry, stuck to the screamers which he could handle. But the singer kept getting the fuckign lyrics wrong. i mean fair enough on the song he did that the crowd wanted but wasnt in the set list (it was lying on the stage) bugt on half the others? If the guy who was Izzy could cope with loseign two guityar strings by just carrying on playing im sure Axl could have learned the lyrics, i knew the fuckign lyrics and so did half thwe crowd.

I guess no one actually bothtered readign that whole stupidly long rant but if they did i was basically just wonderign if anyone knew nay ecent tributes that play in the UK?

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dus n bones is fuckin amazing. They were better then Guns when i saw them live...

any aussie check out the best Australian Tribute band. Songs are not in sync but thats youtubes fault

love it

All filmed my me and i have seen this band about 25 times





check out there website


i post on there as Diamond Dave

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