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concert arrival for shows and start time predictions


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I personally am going to the MSG concert in NY, and know this is the biggest concert on the east coast and maybe of all!! Not bragging here, just I would assume it is going to be like 2002. What time do you guys think the shows on the east coast will start.

My guess is 11:30 pm eastern time. What do you people think?

Also, I have never been to a concert with several opening acts like will be the case here, so could I show up at like 9:45 or so in NY? Will the ushers let you get to your seats while the other bands are playing or do you have to wait in between bands to get in to your seats.

I know that is a really lame and stupid question but I would appreciate anyone who would please give me their opinion, especially those who have seen multiple opening bands for a headliner before!



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