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Megadeth vs. Metallica



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Guest Ohdistortedsmile1789

Why such hatred for St.Anger? It's a good album :unsure:

I like it.

And, prefer Metallica to Megadeath.

Yeah I like it too :)

ST Anger and Frantic are great live songs ;)

I liked SKOM and Frantic. Shoot Me Again was allright.

Invisible Kid and Dirty Window aren't bad either.

"Invisible Kid" is embarrassing.

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In my opinion Megadeth are better, easily. Megadeth's lyrics are better, more important, and less silly. I prefer Mustaine to Hetfield anyday as a guitarist and singer. Especially on soloing, Mustaine destroys Hetfield.

Megadeth were also able to consistently release good to very good albums, while 'Tallica dried up after the Black album.

Dumb ass Hammett>Mustaine

Mustaine sounds like he is fingering his ass, Atleast Hetfield has style.

Master Of Puppets is like one of the best albums ever written Sure Megadeth are good but Metallica are fucking insane. Metallica>Megadeth...Now sit the fuck down and have a cup of coffee cuz boy...you just got schooled.

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