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The Stone Roses


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Don't know whether having a Goddamn Manc living next to me at uni playing them 24/7 has influenced me but I've been really digging them at the moment. They're fantastic. So much indie is typical, shy, shoe-gazing unself assured stuff but there's a great confidence to the Stone Roses, a real stand at the top of the world, head up to the sky with your arms out wide vibe.

Any fans?

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They were a great band-truly innovators and not the typical "shoegazer" type shit as you mentioned. Hopefully there will be a reunion, because unfortunately I never got to see them live. I still listen to them a lot though. I am the Resurrection is one of my favorite songs.

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I love how their debut album has a real continuity through it, and the exciting way it ends with "I am the Resurrection". That silence in the middle is cool.

They remind me of my childhood and the 90s. Probably because when I was little those songs were played on TV and on the radio, and they are still in the back of my mind.

Some of their songs seem quite dreamy. It creates a blurred wall of sound. Like "Waterfall" maybe.

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