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i just got a 80BG apple i-pod, and dont want to fuck it up. so can someone tell me what to do? my brother got one and every time he plugged the usb into it, it deleted all the songs on it that werent on the computer anymore. when he first got it he plugged the usb in and a few minutes later it froze, he had to bring it back and get a new one, i dont want that to happen to me.

also do i have to use i-tunes for it or can i use anything else?

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If you've got a small hard-drive then what i'd recommend is setting the ipod to manually update rather than automatic. This way you can drag stuff from your library to your i-pod and then delete it from your computer again.

i'm guessing thats the reason (limited harrd-drive space) ur brother deleted some stuff from i-tunes, right?

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