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Anyone get the new Trivium CD


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I just got the new Trivium Cd and its pretty damn good. The guitar work is awesome. I am a little dissapointed with the vocals though. Matt changed his singing voice and sounds like a second rate James Hetfield ( I personally liked it when he screamed more), and his lyrics seem to have little meaning behind them. Overall the album is very good though. anyone else have any thoughts on the record.

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I have the album and it is fuckin awesome. I had the last album and wasn't too keen on it. This will completely send the band into the big leagues. Yes, it does sound like Metallica........ but I'd rather listen to the The Crusade than St Anger :book:

Fucking really didn't get into St. Anger... shame.

Apparently there's less screaming? Cool... I'll order it. :)

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