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My band's EP tracklisting

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for those of you who've heard the songs. I'm thinking:

1. Prayer for Peace

2. Bridges Not Walls

3. Worst Terror I've Ever Seen

4. Guitar Solo

5. Imperial Division

6. Blues Jam

I know you guys haven't heard the guitar solo or blues jam, but the rest?

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I'll actually upload all the 4 tracks that made the EP. Unfortunately I can't upload either the guitar solo or the blues jam. Just envision them though, basically a short acoustic solo, and a minute and a half outtake from an attempt at performing a good version of "Further On Up the Road".

We could also always just scrap the two instrumentals and go ahead with a 4 song EP.

Entire 4 Song EP in zip file:


Please listen to it in order to get the correct feeling...

The production on track 2 is horrible. How the fuck did I get my drums to sound so muddy?

Anyway I wrote the following:

- Lyrics to Prayer for Peace

- Drums for all tracks

- Guitar for all tracks, except Prayer for Peace

- Drum beats for Track 4, played on keyboard

I played the following:

- Drums on all tracks

- Acoustic rythm guitar on Track 1

- Bit of Harmony Vocals on Track 1

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Ha, cool. Well, in my opinion, I think Prayer for Peace should really be the last song. Putting it first really affects the flow. Unless of course you want to start slow and finish with a bang. I think as the last track, it would do a good job of summing up the whole EP. First track should definately be your strongest song. Seriously, I'm not kidding. Would AFD be as good if WTTJ didn't open it? Exactly. I'm tied between Worst Terror and Imperial Division. I'd really like an extended guitar intro to Worst Terror so if you could somehow modifiy that acoustic solo so that it leads naturally into Worst Terror, I think that could work well. Guess that leave Imperial Division as first track. Birdges Not Walls could come after Worst Terror. Maybe you could put that blues jam after that.

Final track listing:

1. Imperial Division

2. Guitar Solo

3. Terrorism Song

4. Bridges Not Walls

5. Blues Jam

6. Prayer For Peace

I haven't heard either of the guitar solo or blues jam so I don't really know if it would fit in well as I would imagine. I think you could take out the blues jam and it would still be pretty tight.

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Hmm.... Interesting. I was thinking that I should start slow and go into the fastest paced one at the end. I'll take that into consideration though, thanks. :)

The buildup idea seems reasonable, but I guess you're kinda right about it summing up everything. A calm closer to a more or less fast paced EP does make sense. I'll discuss this with the band.

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