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Damn....11th row still not sold...


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same here, I have a 5 hour drive to get there....and the last and only GNR concert I went to was cancelled when I got there after driving 3 hours.

Its gunna be hard to get the GUNS N ROSES chant going, it looks like we each get our own word...

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I am driving from Raleigh and really hope it goes on. However, a friend of mine made this comment, and it has some truth...

"It dawned on me after reading this review that you and I are exactly the same as those people who paid $30 last weekend to watch Mike Tyson sparring on PPV, hoping somehow the great Tyson from the 80's would suddenly reappear in that small, dingy gym even though they knew deep down he never will. We're the same way w/ GNR."

I am trying to be a believer. The last time I went to a show I drove all the way to phili from DC and a riot took place. I really don't want to see that again.

Please let the show go on.

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I honestly dont think a riot will happen. Axl seems to be fairly mellow while on stage and genuinely seems to be having a good time up there while performing.

I like the post above... its kinda true in a way. But I think Axl is a much better singer than Mike Tyson is a boxer. We are all waiting for something great to happen and I think the folks that are attending the show tonight will see some really great stuff.


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