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MYYYY Thoughts on Greensboro (one of my first threads still!)


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Well, No-one probably cares about my thoughts, but, i'll give them anyway, i'm still noobish by my post numbers lol, but i do at least have a ton of great photos and videos of the show to post later!

The show was great, I'll be as impartial as possible and warn you all of everything:

I am an old school GNR Fan, 23 years old but been a fan for years, since about 91 (as a youngster!!!) my cousin saw them at the Marquee in London in 87, i have a bit of a history with them as a fan.

So yes, I am loyal to the "old band".

Anyway, Axl was phenomenal, his voice was on, energetic, smiling, having fun...put on an amazing show, i've been waiting YEARS for the chance to see him, he cancelled on me twice in 2001 afterall!

Sebastian was awesome, but i'm into hair metal, so, yeah, i guess i would like it.

Papa Roach...yawwwwwwwwwwn, Look at me, i pretend to inject a needle into my arm because i'm METAL, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR watch my angry faces!!

Anyhoo...The band rocked, they were tight, Frank fit the part as drummer very well, I'm only pissed at one thing, When the whistle got thrown in paradise city, i caught one end of it, and the guy infront caught the other, and i was nice enough to let go, fuuuuuuuck, if i had've jumped, it was MINE (i'm 6'3'' lol).

Anyway, great set list, great time, best show i've been to, BUT, I still dont feel like i've seen Guns N Roses.

There, i said it.

Still, Great show.

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