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any good looping programs? I would like to rap over some songs and remix some and don't know how to loop. I need advice.

there are countless of programs to use. and HOW you want to use it.

if you are working in midi, looping is easy.

if you want to loop an actual track, that's even easier. you just need someone to make you the track.

then copy out the part you want to loop. CTRL+C and CTRL+V in Logic, Pro Tools and Cubase. Not sure about Nuendo, Digital Performer and Sequoia. Sure it's the same.

Try BFD, DFH, Battery or some sampling programs to make you your beat. Reason 3.0 is good too.

you can operate them by mouse clicks or midi keyboard. :)

Logic you can operate through your keyboard, and it has a builit in looping device. Not good though.

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