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New Guns n' Roses montage

Frozen Inferno

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I turned it off after the first 30 seconds. It was that lame up until that point.

vr fan, take it easy, homes. slash still rocks :rofl-lol:


Nah, not just that, the 'talking lyk a phewl' thing was annoying.

oh sorry, mister perfect.

No worries. I'll let you off this time. :)

*lets you keep gold star*

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Yeah, what is the name of that song?

I've wondered for years.

Anyone know?

Mozart - O fortuna

carl orff is the composer... not mozart. it's part of the carmina burana, which is a great composition - check out the cd

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Can anyone recomend some software that can convert video files to files that are small enough to upload to YouTube. At the moment my video files are too big. I have tried rendering them smaller and still the file size is too big. I give up.

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