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My Review From Greensboro


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Ive been frequently monitoring this forum for a couple of years and then finally joined up earlier this year... right about the time GNR started touring in Europe. So I had been keeping up with the different shows "accross the big pond." So I was driving to work one day while listening to the radio and the DJ said that there would be a "huge" concert announcement at 5:00 pm. I remember thinking to myself.. "no way will this be Guns N Roses." But I tuned in to the station anyway (I think it was September 15th.) Sure enough it was when I first heard that Guns were heading to Greensboro. I immediately called two of my buds from high school and it was ON! The planning had begun.

Fast forward through many phone calls and emails regarding the concert to Nov 2nd...

My pals and I met at the local Hooters and we ate wings, drank gallons of beer and got primed up for the concert. Man, I had been waiting for that it seemed like for years. (I guess it was years since it was my first Guns concert.)

About 8:00, we make our way towards the arena. I bought a T-shirt before we took our seats. I bought the star with the circle around it. We got there just as Baz was about to finish up so I cant comment on his whole set or anything. I will say that he was screaming and that the crowd seemed to enjoy it for the part that I saw.

Next up was Papa Roach. I wasnt expecting a lot from them really. They seemed angry about most everything in life so they basically screamed their songs. Papa Roach were energetic and not bad. Basically, they were much much better than I had guessed they would be. I cant say that I did not enjoy their music because I did. They surprised me with their talent.

Between Papa Roach and Guns there was a little waiting time. It went by fairly quick to me even though it was over an hour wait I think. (I was there to have fun and cut up..not watch a clock.) It was great to watch the crowd get rowdy... and the later it got, the more rowdy the crowd seemed to be. Concessions had to quit selling beer because of all the fights in the crowd. I saw at least 4 or 5 fights where the cops had to carry people out (Im sure there were more.) One overly drunk guy was standing in GA with his chick and they were both "knee walking drunk". I remember his girl friend had a jersey on with the name ROSE and 08 as the numbers. My crew was laughing at them because they were drunkingly swaying back and forth. (no music at the time because this was before Guns came on). Anyhoo, a few minutes later I saw fists and elbows being thrown... sure enough it was the Overly Drunk Duo mentioned above. HAHA.. The guy's chick jumped into the fight and got her ass kicked too. She lost a gob of hair before the cops came up and hauled both of em off. LMAO too funny.

Just to set things right.. the fights had nothing to do with Guns or the amount of time taken in between the bands. I think they were just being stupid. The general attitude of the crowd was happy to be there and ready to have a great time. Only about 3 seconds worth of boo-ing from the crowd because of the wait in between Papa Roach and Guns.

Then the lights went out... And we hear the opening notes of Jungle. The crowd, although not sold out, was cheering loud enough to bring the roof down over us... and just when I didnt think think the crowd could be any more worked up... Axl struts out and SCREECHES the words we all wanted to hear. The crowd just got 100 times louder. "Welcome to the Jungle" was loud, obnoxious, and awesome. Just the way it was supposed to be.

Guns tore through the first 4 or 5 songs. Jungle, Its So Easy, Mr. Brownstone, Live and Let die. Knockin On Heaven's door. All were top notch. It was tremendous.

One of my highlights was Knockin on Heavens door. Sure its a cover, but its been almost an anthem for my friends and me. At one point, I looked over at one of my pals and asked him "dude, do you know how long Ive waited to hear this?" He just nodded and smiled.

After KOHD, the band played "Better." The crowd enjoyed it. Even though not many folks knew the words, the crowd was into it more than I had guessed that they would be. It was awesome live.

A little jam together after that. I think at this point was when Axl introduced the rest of the band. I had been wondering if he was actually going to introduce them because up until that night, it had been done a little earlier in the shows.

"Sweet Child" and "You could be Mine" were next and they were both incredible. At some points, the band overpowered the vocals a little bit but it was not overly bad and was mostly corrected. Still going strong. Axl was running everywhere and really seemed like he was having a great time. If I had to sum up the entire concert with one word I guess I would have to use the word Powerful.

They rolled out the piano and I was expecting November Rain but Dizzy played a great piano solo.. It really showed off his chops.

At some point the Christina Aguilara song Beautiful was played as the dueling Guitar Solo.. Ive read the forums and I was expecting to be burnt out by all the solos but it never happened. I think Guns knows exactly what they are doing when Axl leaves the stage and lets the rest of the band get some spotlight too. They are all excellent musicians and they deserve to get some recognition. Awesome solos by everyone. Even though its hard to rock hard to the guitar solos... I think they were needed. It just makes it that much better when another old school song was played next... which was "Out ta Get me".

"IRS" was next. Great vocals by Axl. The crowd was digging it again more than I thought they would be for the newer songs. Hearing this live in person is so much better than the leaks that we have heard on the net.

November Rain was next along with Bumblefoot's "Dont Cry" solo. I just couldnt figure out why nobody was into singing along with the solo... ???

ROCKET QUEEN! Man, I thought the roof was going to fall on us! Was incredible! The crowd went insane!

"Madagascar" then "My Michelle" with Baz. I hate to knock him but Baz just cant do the band justice. It was good but I am probably just biased to hearing Axl sing the whole thing.

Then the band started playing something else... I remember thinking "what is this" something entirely new? Then it hit me... "THE OTHER VERSION OF YOURE CRAZY"!! Awesome! We really got a nice treat from that... I was second guessing myself as to whether or not I had heard of the band doing that version lately.

Axl was back and forth in "Youre Crazy". Directly after that, he started the whistle for "Patience". And its like my friend was asking me on the way home... How does he whistle like that after doing everthing that he had done up until then? I dunno man.

NIGHTRAIN!!! BOTTOMS UP MAN! WOW, I was stoked and awestruck.

For the encore, they started out with Chinese Dem. MUCH MUCH better in person than what we have heard so far in the leaks.. just great indeed.

Then we ended the night of course with Paradise City and confetti blowing up high.

Guns n Roses brought their A game and knocked a Grand Slam in my book. Ive been to concerts in the past... but never have I seen something like this. It almost reminded me of that movie Gladiator... where Russell Crowe had just killed everything in sight in the arena and looked up at the crowd and screamed "ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?" Hell yeah Axl... Im entertained! I want to do it again!

They were loud, obnoxious, and awesome... just the way it was meant to be.


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