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We just assume the strongest proof against GnR, and we always do.


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Bad sales are the strongest proof that the pyroexcuse were bullshit. I don´t know if the GnR-camp is talking shit this time, but I KNOW that fans on this forum have been talking shit about ticket sales. And if it comes up that this accusing from fans are builded on false facts, I really hope Axl cancel a show particular for them. Istead of research for facts U whining and nearly putting under the band we love built on things u just assume!?? FUCK U! It´s like you want the cancellation to be caused by lack of ticket sales, so u can say "yeah, we told you. No, promotion and no CD.. Thats how things turn out then"

It doesn´t matter if you people are right or wrong. Still you just assume and that show how much this band is worth for you. You find it worth the risk to assume things so you can bash the band and take the risk that this will ruin the whole tour. Some of you dig in facts and dig up shit about this band, but when you assume shit and negative things you leave it at that state.

I´m an Axl ass whiper? Yes, and I can tell you why. It´s simple. He may be a fuckehead, but not even close to some of the people that call themselves fans.

So, let´s clear this up. Was it really bad sales? I´m bad at research and if people were there please give us an honest insight in the case. I wan´t this topic to be informative so I and others can decide which "side" we should choose.

*EDIT: I´ve looked at the arena and if you have a concert there almost one third of its full capacity get lost behind the stage.. Is the capcity on 6000 inculding this loss??

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